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ince meeting more than a decade ago, we both became experts in our respective areas and joined forces to truly revolutionize how healthcare is being delivered.

Jodi Lyons is a senior care expert, author, and industry expert for care management and brain health. Ting Shih is an award-winning entrepreneur specialized in health technologies to improve healthcare worldwide.

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Jodi Lyons
Jodi LyonsChief of Care
Jodi is an eldercare expert who helps older adults and those with special needs find the care they need throughout the country. An ardent patient advocate, Jodi helps people navigate the complicated, often convoluted system, identify what they need, and learn how to create an action plan. With more than twenty years of experience in the nonprofit healthcare arena, Jodi has been a leader in national and international organizations representing healthcare and long-term care service providers. She is a graduate of Brandeis University in Waltham, MA and a former president of the Washington, D.C. area alumni association. She is a co-author of the award-winning book, Brain Health As You Age (Rowman and Littlefield 2018), was a contributor and industry advisor to Telemedicine Magazine, a contributor to Startup Health Magazine, and is an eldercare consultant who helps older adults find the care they need throughout the country. She specializes in the practical aspects of dealing with cognitive issues and caregiving and lectures frequently to caregivers, attorneys, and financial advisors. She is a former executive committee member of the Alzheimer’s Association National Capital Area.
Ting Shih
Ting ShihChief of Brain
Ting Shih is the CEO and founder of ClickMedix, an award-winning AI-powered healthcare technology social enterprise born out of MIT with the mission of improving the health of over 1 billion people using mobile technologies.

She spent more than 10 years implementing mobile health programs across Africa, Asia, South America, and North America to enable healthcare to be delivered to anyone regardless of income-level, gender or age through telemedicine, AI, and health workers, to connect patients to world-class medical experts. Ting has worked with health systems, governments, research institutions, and private corporations to reduce costs of healthcare systematically, while reaching more underserved patients.

Ting is World Summit Awards winner (2019), Asian American Chamber of Commerce Young Professional of the Year (2018), Geneva Forum for Health Award (2016), winner of USAID / DAI Innovation into Action Challenge in 2016, Toyota Mother of Invention in 2015, and she is the Cartier Women’s Initiative Laureate 2012 for North America. She holds an MBA and MS in Systems Engineering from MIT. In addition, she has a BS in Computer Science and MS in Software Design and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

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