Taking away a drive’s license creates a whole host of social problems from writing checks to being a passenger on an airplane. It also represents a huge loss of independence. So, even though many states have non-driver identification cards, it still presents an issue. Also, we all know taking away a license does not stop a determined senior citizen from driving. One family, truly desperate to stop the grandfather from driving, tried everything. They had the doctor talk to him, the Department of Motor Vehicles failed him on his driver’s test, his license was taken away and still he drove—on the sidewalk, into parked cars, etc. This man was a real danger to himself and others. The family took away his car keys, and he called a locksmith to get more. Finally, the granddaughter asked if she could borrow the car to go to the mall. He gave her the keys, and off she went. A few hours later, she called him crying because the car had been “stolen”. He was not upset; he was just glad she was okay. The car was “stolen” by another family member who parked it in long-term parking at the airport. They were afraid he would spot the car if they parked it at one of their houses. The family figured if he got used to not having the car, they could break him of his reckless driving. It worked. I am not sure I would recommend this solution, but desperate times called for creative measures.