There is an outstanding nursing home that was led by one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met. His nursing home was so well-run, his own mother lived in it. On one of his regular walks around the home, he stopped to chat with a long-time resident. When he asked her if there was anything he could do to make her happier or more comfortable, she smiled and said she’d really like an egg over easy. Turns out she hadn’t had one in over fifteen years—since she’d come to the home. Why? Nursing home populations are susceptible to food-borne diseases and almost all breakfast-type egg items are made from the pasteurized eggs
that come in cartons. So, everything is scrambled, made into omelets or quiche. Also, it’ really hard to cook individual eggs for so many people. None of this was a good reason or excuse for the CEO and his head chef. So, they figured out a way to make eggs to order once a month or so, made sure the eggs were cooked to the proper temperature, and safe. Yes, it took a lot of effort, and some of the staff was really unhappy about the extra workload, but in the end, everyone appreciated it, and the residents were thrilled.